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EcoStinger Women Full Body Stinger Swimsuit Dive Skin UV Protection Swimwear UPF50+ Black

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Style And Comfort Packed In One! This one piece UV swimsuit is capable of earning you great appreciation for your classy choice. The stretchability of the fabric ensures easy movement while enjoying competitive swimming, water aerobics and beach fitness activities. This suit is made of light weight breathable fabric which keeps your skin and body cool even in hot weather conditions. Durable Protection from Beach Threats This high-performance attire provides durable protection from the most popular beach threats, the harmful UVA & UVB rays of sun and venom of sea creatures. It is a must-have for your beach outings.

Fabric soft on skin 53% Polyester/47% PBT; Light weight: 170gsm.

Machine washable or preferred hand wash using cold water.

Light weight fabric, breathable keeping skin cool even in hot weather, perfect use during hot and mild weather conditions.

UPF50+ sun protection - High-neckline for maximum protection. blocks over 97.5% of the sun UV radiation, in sunny and cloudy weather.

Stretchable fabric with shape retention. Fit like second skin. Fabric will recover to its original shape after each use, unlike other fabric such as Nylon, Spandex, or Lycra.

Chlorine Resistant, long lasting colors and elasticity. Perfect for use in salty waters and chlorinated pools, fabric is durable and will last for many seasons.

Protection against Jellyfish Stingers and Sea lice. Excellent protection while diving or swimming in ocean where Jellyfish tend to get in contact and sting the skin.

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Ecostinger stingersuits

Ecostinger stingersuits
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