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Britain has some of the best watersports locations in Europe. It is blessed with a multitude of picturesque waterways, from calm canals and scenic rivers, beautiful lakes to stunning coastline and historic harbours.


Learn surfing in Newquay Learn surfing in Newquay, the totally rad Surfcity UK.


Cornwall From long beaches along the north shore, to climate domes of the Eden Project, to sleepy villages, all here for you to enjoy.


snorkeling Amazing coastline, great surf, and vibrant cities, that's Devon.


Learn windsurfing in Hampshire Windsurfing in Poole Harbour, Hampshire.


nutrition For our British readers we now have a health and nutrition shop. Browse what's on offer.

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Photography Warning

If you're taking photos of your friends and family in Britain, be careful who is in the background. You may sometimes be accosted by strangers, claiming you have taken pictures of their children, or any other children. Beware, this may be an attempt at blackmail, a problem sometimes seen on British beaches. If you feel threatened in any way, inform the police or lifeguards. Please go to our Home Page